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My idea in the November 2012 Greeting Farm newsletter!

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Hello, friends!

There are some times, circumstances, etc. when a "thank you" just doesn't seem like enough.  You know what I'm talking about, right?

As we near Thanksgiving and go right into Christmas and beyond, I always find myself wanting to savor those times when we can spend time with friends, family, or even relish in a few moments of alone time to simply sit back, reflect, and be grateful.  As the month goes by, I realize how time goes way too fast and think "how did I get here...again?"   Those questions make me long for that extra minute, hour, day to just sit on the couch with coffee and cuddle with my kids, sleep in that extra hour, drop what work I may have had to meet a friend for lunch, or spend time I don't always find/have to do something nice for someone else. 

We spend an entire month-pretty much from the day after Thanksgiving to the day before Christmas Eve (unless you're a guy, then it's right THROUGH Christmas Eve, lol!  teasing ;) gearing up for Christmas.  Why don't we dedicate at LEAST a month to being "thankful"?

Before I let that bother me too much, I realized something.  I want to be thankful ALL the time.  Do I always do a great job at this? No.  However, there are so many reasons I want to be better at this.  My family.  My friends. My health.  My support system.  My job here at TGF and what it provides my family.  My growing photography business.  My parents.  My siblings.  SO many "not-so-little" reasons to be thankful EVERY DAY.

That being said, please pay special attention as you scroll through this month's newsletter for our special "PAYING IT FORWARD in Thanskgiving" challenge.  I'm so excited about this- warms my heart and hope you guys love it just as much.

In closing, I want to let you know I'm thankful for each one of you and so glad that I share an "attitude of gratitude" amongst such a positive and inspiring crafting community.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING, everyone!

Wishing you the BEST and the MOST....always....
Jess :)

...'tis the season with 

We are excited to say that our 'ad' below is definitely generating some customer features and what's to lose?  You get FREE stamps if you're featured, plus your name in "lights"!   
This month, Emily DeVlieger has a cute and easy Christmas ornament tutorial to share with you!
1. Stamp Greating Farm image on vellum (note it takes a while to dry I used black memento ink. You can hurry it along by drying it with your heat tool.)
2. Paint wooden embroidery hoop
3. Glue fancy trim to hoop for hanging on a Christmas tree.
4. Color stamped image I used copic markers
5. Center painted hoop around stamped image. Trace around outside edge. Cut on the line you just drew.
6. Glue the circle you just cut to the embroidery hoop.
7. Put some kind of ribbon or trim around the outside of the hoop to cover up the glue.
8. Hang on Christmas tree the lights from the tree will shine through the vellum making your image glow. 
TRY out this technique and let us know you did, and a FREE holiday digi will be on its way to you!
Thanks again Emily for this super cute technique!  'Tis the season for FUN with TGF!

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