Sunday, April 21, 2013

My idea in the April 2013 Greeting Farm newsletter!

News & Stuff from Your Favorite Farm!
Hey everyone!

I hope this newsletter finds you all well as we are celebrating some warmer temps and a few fun changes around the farm!

As you probably have seen, we're celebrating 4 new full time design team members, in addition to welcoming back our 8 members who made up the Showcase Team for another 6 month term as we merge them all together to simply form the new "TGF Design Team".   Also, have you peeked through the Looking Glass?  Our 4 LIMITED EDITION Alice Beans have done great since they debuted April 1st and will be around through the end of the month as supplies last!
With the warm temperatures can come several distractions.  I know for myself, I looked at the calendar yesterday and went wait, it's the 14th?!  I'd better get to typing my newsletter!  Distractions can serve as a problem when we are faced with deadlines, responsibilities, and things we simply must get checked off our list.
However, I got to thinking about this and then realized what I had been doing to "distract" me from work these last few days.   I had been spending extra time cuddling with my little one.   Spending extra time I maybe hadn't planned on doing my teenager's makeup for her as we are at that age now (sigh...), and spent some extra time planning and shopping for a really good friend's 40th milestone birthday party.  I also spent some time with my brother, who is very close to me and he came out to visit my parents and I with a day's notice and is here until Tuesday.   I spent time on the phone with a friend who really needed an ear, and I took some precious family photos for another good friend.
Are distractions ALWAYS bad?  Surely they can't be... because I realized something in all of this.  Sometimes, distractions equal LIFE.  And I'm not talking about slipping away on Facebook or Pinterest when we should be working, haha!  It's life minus the deadlines, minus the stresses which we often place upon ourselves, and minus the auto-pilot mode in going about our daily grind.  While we can't skirt out on what must be done, I urge you to let a few "beautiful distractions" slow ya down.  It was good for the soul, let me tell you!

Wishing you the BEST and the MOST....always.... and a few beautiful distractions along the way...
Jess :)
 Double the fun with TWO Customer Features this month!  Our 2nd project is by EMILY DEVLIEGER:

We are loving seeing your submissions for the newsletter Customer Feature!   Thanks for keeping the ideas rolling in- it always fascinates me on how much y'all can do with our stamps!

First up, we have an adorable dress up toy made from muslin material by EMILY!

First, I Stamped The image of Anya from the sunshine kit onto muslin fabric that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I bought a quarter of a yard and that was plenty. I used craft ink from Stampin' Up! in the color close to Cocoa. 
I colored Anya with my Copic markers. I colored her hair with E 57 and her little swimsuit with V17. When coloring stay a little bit from the edge as the markers will bleed a little bit further. I used spellbinders grand Caliber dies to cut her out. I used the third die from the smallest in the set. To cut the fabric you place the spellbinder on the fabric and then put a piece of paper behind the fabric and then run through your cutting machine. If you do not have a cutting machine a simple pair of scissors will work as well. Put the fabric wrong sides together. 
Sew around all but about an inch and a half. Turn fabric to right way. Stuff with stuffing (poli-fill). Sew rest of Anya's body pillow shut by hand. Sew a piece of Velcro (prickly side) to Anya's tummy. Stamp Anya's clothes on felt. Dry from far away with your heat gun. It will melt if you get to close. Cut out clothes . PLAY! 

So super cute!  I know my 7 year old would love one of these!  Thanks, EMILY!

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